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About Us

For over 45 years, McDowell School in Laguna Niguel has been providing child centered academic excellence.  Today, programs at McDowell include infant care, preschool, and an innovative, accelerated elementary curriculum.

McDowell’s Parent Support Group (PSG) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the learning environment and ensure a well-rounded educational experience for students.  Funds raised by PSG support students through cultural enrichment, classroom enhancements, and supplemental programs that include the arts, sciences, and physical education. 

Each year, PSG works together with McDowell parents, teachers and staff on programming to raise and apply funds to benefit the school community.  One example of PSG’s impact is its sponsorship of field studies, a vital complement to the core curriculum.  Beyond the classroom – and often through hands-on learning – students experience real-life application of textbook lessons that can spark both curiosity and creativity.

PSG’s impact is visible on campus as well.  Notable investments include:


  • The large blue playground blocks enjoyed daily during recess

  • Musical instruments to enhance the music program

  • Technology such as computers, wireless microphones, and speakers to augment the curricula and special events

  • The sport court and enclosure in front of the building for expanded physical education activities

  • Air purifiers for added safety in every classroom

Additionally, in recent years PSG established a scholarship fund to help support enrolled families who experience unexpected financial hardship. 

PSG programming also focuses on bringing families together for community and camaraderie.  Back to school pizza in the park, monthly restaurant nights, fall pie-making, Halloween trunk or treat, the annual gala, and end-of-year festivities are just a few examples.

It is the parents of McDowell – through their support of PSG – that bring these exceptional experiences to the school community.  Please consider supporting PSG with your talent, your time, or your generosity and help us fulfill the promise of enriching the educational experience for students, teachers and staff of McDowell.

PSG Board

As a 501(c)3 organization, the PSG Board provides overall leadership for the programs and operation of PSG, has fiduciary responsibility for the funds raised and spent, and is accountable to its members and its mission.

Below is the PSG Board for your 2022/2023 school year.

PSG Charter

1 / Duty of Care

Take care of PSG by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and goodwill.

2 / Duty of Loyalty

Ensure that the PSG's activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing its mission; Recognize and disclose conflicts of interest; Make decisions that are in the best interest of PSG as a nonprofit corporation, not in the best interest of the individual board member (or any other individual or for-profit entity). 

3 / Duty of Obedience

To the best of the board's ability, ensure that PSG obeys applicable laws and regulations; follows its own bylaws; and that the nonprofit adheres to its stated corporate purposes/mission.

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