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Hardship Fund

The PSG has created a hardship fund a years ago with the purpose of helping those McDowell Families who may have a short-term financial need to help pay their tuition.  Each year we evaluate any potential grants to help any families who may need assistance.  

The fund couldn't have been established without the help of friends and families.

Annual Giving

We are always pleased to receive any donations that you may have.  To make a donation, please click the "Donate" button to the right.

Corporate Matching

Many people are not aware that their company may offer matching dollar for dollar of their donation.  For instance, if you donate $500, your company could match your donation, and thus turn your total donation into $1,000.  How awesome is that!


If you don't know if your company matches, please contact your HR department.  It is  a double win-win when we receive such gracious corporate gifts.  We will be more than happy to work with your company to fill out the necessary paperwork and supply them with whatever documentation they may need.


Ryan Block


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