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"You make a living on what you get.  You make a life on what you give." Winston Churchill
McDowell Parent Support Group Volunteers

Getting involved in PSG is easy, fun, and a great way to meet other parents!  Below is a list of our current committees.  If you are interested in leading or participating in one or more committees, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  If you have any questions, contact us at

Committee \ Position
Officer \ Volunteer
* President (Elected Board Member)
The president oversees the board’s work and often facilitates board meetings. Also, the president is generally the primary person who works with the elementary school principal and preschool director to ensure things are running smoothly. Responsible for leadership of the PSG board and volunteers. Facilitates equitable decision-making and voting amongst board members regarding matters of budget spend and other activities. The president may opt to chair various subcommittees in support of PSG's fundraising mission (e.g. restaurant nights, teacher appreciation, bake sale, etc.)
12 month annual term
Current: Bethany Weeby
* Secretary / Communications Officer (Elected Board Member)
The secretary’s primary duty is to enable timely, factual, and informative communication among the board members, school administrators, and PSG volunteers relative to PSG's support of McDowell School. Additionally, the secretary is responsible for taking and maintaining accurate meeting minutes, and publishing them for public record. Another duty is to monitor compliance with the organization’s bylaws and other matters. The secretary will often chair subcommittees pertaining to awareness, advocacy, and inclusion for the students and families of McDowell School (e.g. social media, website, email newsletters, fliers, etc.)
12 month annual term
Current: Sheyda Lale
* Treasurer (Elected Board Member)
The treasurer is responsible for managing PSG's budget. In this role, the treasurer also typically chairs the finance committee. The person filling this role should have experience in financial accounting for nonprofits. The president works closely with the treasurer to ensure the financial reports are continually updated, and they’re accessible by the president and board members in a timely manner. The treasurer plays a significant role in the annual auditing process and should be primed and ready to answer board member questions about the audit. The treasurer is also responsible for prompt payment to vendors and for prompt reimbursement to PSG committee members for any pre-approved spend.
12 month annual term
Current: Eli Smushkovich
* Vice President (Elected Board Member)
The vice president has the same duties and responsibilities as all other board members, including the duty of loyalty, the duty of obedience, and duty of care. The board president may assign special duties and/or specific initiatives to the vice president and ask them to fill in for the president as necessary. The vice president will often chair various subcommittees that support PSG's fundraising mission (e.g. Annual Gala, apple pie baking & sales, book fairs, etc.)
12 month annual term
Current: Sabina Pons
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