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Apple Pies

McDowell's famous apple pies are coming back the week of November 13.  This is a long-standing tradition and our second biggest fundraiser of the year.  Last year, we sold over 700 pies.  This year, our goal is 1000 pies!  Pre-order today!

Free Dress Passes or Golden Tickets

10 pies 3 passes

20 pies 6 passes

35 pies – all of December (15 days)

​That's right. If your child sells 20 pies, they will get 6 highly-coveted Free Dress passes! And if they sell 35 Pies, they can choose between free dress passes or golden tickets for books! This is a great opportunity to reward your child for their fundraising efforts and to help PSG continue supporting McDowell. 

Tell friends and family and make sure they include your child's name in the space provided at checkout. 

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