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Thank you for your generosity! Once again, we have sold out of the famous McDowell Dutch Apple Pie and set a new sales record!
Although we have reached our maximum capacity, please feel free to contact us at psg.mcdowell@gmail.com to be placed on on our wait list. 
Required Information: Name, Phone Number, # Of Pies Desired 
Pie Makers Needed. No Experience Necessary!

McDowell pies are made by dedicated parents and volunteers. To learn about volunteer opportunities, visit our page at Sign Up!

20 Pies =  13 Passes
35 Pies = Free Dress December!

That's right. If your child sells 20 pies, they will get 13 highly-coveted Free Dress passes! And if they sell 35 Pies, they can free dress for the entire month of December! This is a great opportunity to reward your child for their fundraising efforts and to help PSG continue supporting McDowell. 

But wait, there's more! The elementary school class that sells the most pies wins a party for their entire class! And the pre-school winning class gets a Pizza, Popsicle, Pajama party! 


Tell friends and family and make sure they include your child's name in the space provided at checkout.  

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